On farm with Matt Mitchell, RFM National Manager - Cropping

The below video details a recent trip by Matt Mitchell (National Manager – Cropping) to Rural Funds Group (ASX: RFF) owned central Queensland property Lynora Downs.

Lynora Downs is a 4,963 ha cropping property located approximately 180km’s south of Emerald. RFF acquired the property in December 2016 and has since improved its productivity by increasing water storage capacity to over 14,000 ML and installing five, 80 ha centre pivot irrigation systems.

Lynora Downs is one of three cropping properties owned by RFF located in central Queensland. The other two assets are Mayneland, a 2,942 ha property acquired in September 2018 and Baamba Plains, a 4,130 ha property acquired in November 2021. Productivity developments are also planned on these properties and include developing irrigation infrastructure. Recent developments at Mayneland include increasing water storage, the installation of centre pivot irrigation and upgrading river pumps. Similar developments are intended for Baamba Plains.

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