Applying RFM’s agricultural expertise in Cambodia

In May 2019, RFM committed to providing resources to establish an agricultural project in the Cambodian village of Tahen, located in the Battambang prefecture of western Cambodia. The aim of the Tahen project is to educate and mentor local farmers to develop more modern, sustainable and diversified agricultural enterprises. RFM has committed to providing $1 million over three years, as well as ongoing advice and support to achieve this aim.

The project’s now been going for just over 12 months and it’s a busy time in the village of Tahen, as the RFM sponsored agricultural project commences planting its second rice crop.  The irrigation system, which was slated for completion in May this year, is only partially complete with the engineer in charge of its establishment having to return to Australia before our borders closed.

Despite this delay, spirits are high at the farm.  Training in herbicide usage and mechanised planting has been undertaken, and our farming staff have been asked to share their newly gained expertise at nearby sites.  Earlier in the year, the farm staff were able to travel to Thailand to see the impacts of mechanisation on larger farms.  Excursions such as this, are an important part of increasing their knowledge and expertise.

This short video provides an overview of the Project and the land development that has been undertaken with local Cambodian people at the village of Tahen.

We hope you enjoy it.

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