RFM Almond Funds tax invoice and payment of distribution

RFM is pleased to announce that the distributions for the RFM Almond Fund 2006, RFM Almond Fund 2007 and RFM Almond Fund 2008 were paid to Growers on, or around, 15 October 2015.

Tax Invoices for the 2015 financial year have been mailed to the registered address of the holder.

This year’s distributions were based on the 2014 crop, and as many Growers would be aware from previous communications, the 2015 crop outperformed forecasts of 3.5 tonnes per hectare contained in the funds’ Product Disclosure Statements  with yields averaging over 4 tonnes per hectare.

RFM expects that yields, and thus returns, will vary from year to year.  It is forecast that the yield for the 2016 crop will be lower than 2015, as the trees recover from producing a record crop of approximately 4.3 tonnes in 2015, making the RFM orchards some of the highest yielding orchards in Australia.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact RFM Investor Services on 1800 026 665 or email: investorservices@ruralfunds.com.au


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