RFM Almond Funds – May 2018 harvest update

The 2018 almond harvest, which commenced in early February, is nearing completion. Weather conditions have continued to be favourable and RFM expects that the harvest will be complete within 3 weeks if these conditions continue.

Growers were provided forecast yield estimates as part of the March harvest update. Figure 1 presents the forecast yield estimates based on 80% of the crop now processed. RFM will have final yield numbers approximately four weeks following the conclusion of harvest. Any changes to forecast yield will impact the FY19 distribution.

Figure 1 – 2018 forecast yield

Forecast yield (Tonnes/hectare)
26 March 2018 8 May 2018
Almond Fund 06 2.64 2.64
RFM Almond Fund 07 3.20 3.13
RFM Almond Fund 08 3.51 3.19

As we approach winter, substantial greenery and bud development is evident on the trees. This bud development is the start of the 2019 crop and yield estimates for 2019 will be provided to Growers after pollination in October 2018.

RFM will host an annual Grower update webinar in August 2018 which will advise Grower positions with respect to their 2018 crop.


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