RFF Deferred Settlement Period

Last week Rural Funds Management Limited (RFM) advised the market of the passing of two resolutions at a General Meeting of the Rural Funds Group (RFF). More details about the results and the meeting are available on RFM’s website at www.ruralfunds.com.au and on the ASX Limited’s (ASX) announcements webpage for RFF.

As a result of the first resolution passed, RFF units are in the process of being stapled with units in RF Active. As such, trading in RFF units entered a deferred settlement period from last Friday 10 October. Units are expected to recommence trading on a T+3 basis from Wednesday 22 October. During the deferred settlement period, RFF trading, pricing, bids and history will be available under the temporary ASX code RFFDA.

Please direct any enquiries to RFM Investor Services by telephone on 1800 026 665 or at investorservices@ruralfunds.com.au.


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