NSW flood update – RFF Hillston almond orchards

The almond orchards located at Hillston and owned by the Rural Funds Group (RFF), are situated close to the Lachlan River.  As many investors would be aware, recent rainfall events have caused flooding along the Lachlan River with the peak currently below Forbes in NSW.

Over the next two to three weeks this body of water will move down the Lachlan River towards Hillston.  Current forecasts predict the river height will reach the levels just below the 1990 flood.  RFM and farm management from all three lessees are working to minimise any damage that may occur as a result of the flood water.

When developing the three orchards at Hillston, RFM referenced aerial images of the 1990 flood and located the plantings out of prior flood zones.  Earthen levy banks are also constructed in areas that could be subject to inundation.

Each flood can follow different paths, due to changes in vegetation and other obstructions.  For this reason, it is possible that the current flood could impact some of these properties, though it is unlikely that there will be any material impact.

RFM will keep you updated over the next weeks as the flood waters pass.


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